“This is the second season (we got started pretty late in the year) that I have worked with The Pond People®. I had very specific needs for my pond. I wanted it to be clean enough that I could swim in it. Over the years I had tried many ways to reduce the algae. This year, through some experimenting, we came up with much better solutions. My pond is clear of algae and I haven't missed a day of swimming.

I find the guys to be extremely knowledgeable and professional. I'm extremely satisfied.”

Marc – Blue Mounds, WI

“It has been a long time since we have heard fish jumping in our pond! And we heard them last night. The pond is wonderful. We are thrilled to have a vibrant pond again! Thank you!”

Marge & Jon – Mazomanie, WI

“The guys at The Pond People® are great to work with. Product deliveries are always timely and service calls are always handled quickly. My pond is a source of pride for me and my family and The Pond People® are always available for advice when needed. They are first rate!”

Scott – Marshfield, WI

“Thank you for bringing my pond back to life. I’m amazed at the difference of water quality in just a couple of years. My fish are more active and we are enjoying our pond more now than ever. I appreciate your outstanding customer service and knowledge. Great job!”

Lonny – Lindsey, WI

The Pond People® have been great to work with. They provide a lot of good information throughout the year to help keep our pond healthy as the season progresses. The attention to detail has allowed us to use the pond products cost effectively. The team always responds quickly to our questions with workable solutions. The Pond People® have lived up to their promises and met all of our expectations. We recommend them to everyone we know with a pond.”

Julie – Neillsville, WI

“The construction of our pond presents some challenges. The Pond People® have been working with us over the past few years to overcome these challenges. It’s nice to know that we have a partner interested in making our pond meet our expectations.”

Matt & Kristen – Ringle, WI

“Last summer I was at my wits end with the algae and weeds in my pond. No matter what I tried, nothing seemed to work; the algae and weeds were winning. My beautiful backyard pond was now a green, ugly mess. Not knowing what else to do, I sent an e-mail to The Pond People® and asked for their help. That was one of the best things I have ever done! I talked with them and we set up a plan of attack. After a few treatments and a few short weeks, I had my pond back. The transformation from what I had then to what I have now is simply amazing - clear water, no weeds, and algae gone. The grand kids and I can enjoy the paddle boat again and the compliments just keep coming in, thanks to The Pond People®. If you have a pond, you need The Pond People®.”

Carol – Boyd, WI

“In May of 2011, our pond was covered with green algae. Algae and muck growth had been multiplying over several years. Using the pond management plan designed by The Pond People®, now in August of 2012 we are admiring our pond of clear water with no signs of algae growth on the surface.”

Jim & Joan – Greenwood, WI

“We had lived on our property for about two years and the pond had progressively become more choked with algae and weeds. It had become an eyesore and we thought about filling it in with dirt. The Pond People® offered to give their recommendations for how we might rejuvenate the pond. They clearly described what was happening in the pond and explained how things could be changed. They recommended a number of steps that not only made sense, but involved no herbicides, algaecides, or similar treatments. The crew efficiently and quickly implemented the plan more than a year ago and we are very happy with the results. The pond has zero visible algae and looks very healthy. They even helped out with some of the paper work that had to be submitted to the government. It was worth the time, effort, and money.”

Jim – Marshfield, WI

“I have been using The Pond People® for our pond service for several years. In this very difficult season in trying to keep ponds looking nice, the three ponds they service have never looked better! I have had numerous remarks from our members on how clean and beautiful our ponds are. The staff at The Pond People® is pleasure to work with. They are very professional and knowledgeable about the products and services they provide.”

Scott – Freedom, WI Golf Club Superintendent

“After many years of trial and error, much labor and constant disappointment, my husband and I were ready to give up on our pond. It was like fighting a battle every year; us against the weeds! Trying to keep the pond suitable for swimming was exhausting. I was at my wits end and then Providence stepped in. In our mailbox was a post card from The Pond People®. And then the miracle happened - what they did worked!!! They gave us our pond back! It is beautiful once again! Thank you to The Pond People®.”

Laurie & Fred – Waldo, WI

The Pond People® have created and maintain the focal point of our business. Our pond is a piece of paradise."

Joel & Dori – Menasha, WI

“We built our pond in 2008 and were recommended to have The Pond People® come and inform us of the proper maintenance. It was one of the best things we could have ever done! The entire staff is knowledgeable, friendly, timely, and committed to helping you make the best decisions in regards to your pond. We have had plenty of quirky questions and problems and they are always willing to help in any way they can. When asked, we have no hesitation referring The Pond People®, as they are dedicated to supplying you with the information and products needed to help ensure the health and beauty of your pond!”

Crystal & Ed – Kaukauna, WI

The Pond People® offer prompt and professional service. They have high quality products that help with sustaining our pond’s ecosystem. Our pond’s quality is very important to us and The Pond People® understand this need. We recommend their services to anyone who is in need of pond preservation.”

Chad – Kaukauna, WI

“Just wanted to send a comment regarding our pond. For several years you have told me to change the aerator system that I was using and I resisted thinking mine worked fine.

Yesterday I took a swim for the first time this year and noticed something entirely different than years past. As I swam around I did not notice a single thermal layer in the water. In the past, at the two foot level there was a distinct difference in water temperature. This year no thermal breaks. Even as I dove into the deeper pool, the water was consistent.

This is telling me that we are doing a much better job with rotating the water. The aerator, as well as the fountain, has greatly improved the quality of the water. Not to mention how quiet the new pump is. I cannot hear it from the gazebo - unlike the old system that provided noise pollution to my entire backyard.

I understand this is a transition year as we move away from chemicals to the natural management system you developed. That said, we are patient knowing that our quality of the pond system will only continue to improve.

Thanks for being patient with my stubbornness over the aerator.”

Joe – Neenah, WI

“My husband and I first met the founder The Pond People® in late winter of 2009-10. We have a one acre pond that we were trying to keep “pristine clean” with every chemical under the sun. The pond was two years old, cloudy, and already starting to get mucky. He had left his card on our door and since we weren’t happy with the current ‘chemical people’ servicing our pond, we gave him a call. He was on time, something that is a rarity these days, and very straight forward in his ideas for our pond. We were very skeptical at first of using more “natural” means to control the pond’s health, but everything he told us made sense. I was the one that really balked at the idea of adding fish. I didn’t want something else I had to take care of. Then he pointed out that all ponds will get Blood Suckers sooner or later without fish. Euw, euw, euw (that’s a woman’s language for YUCKY!) and he was right. That spring we had huge Blood Suckers by the beach area. Long story short....everything The Pond People® have done for us has left us with a beautiful, natural looking pond that is cleaner and clearer now than we ever expected. They are always timely, honest, and willing to listen to any questions you might have. Ponds might be their ‘business’, but we’ve never trusted a business the way we do The Pond People®.”

Susie – Bonduel, WI

“This pond has never looked this good and I can't wait to see what next year brings. I would assume it's credited to increased aeration and regular applications of your products. Consistency was never a strong suit of ABI. The water clarity is greatly improved and I would say the duckweed is 98% gone. Thanks for all of your hard work and have a great winter.”

“I have almost two seasons of working with you under my belt and I couldn't be happier! My pond has not looked this good in the 23 plus years that we've lived here. It's a good feeling to know that I once again have fish in the pond and I look forward to planting more in the next few years.”

Ray – Newton, WI

“My wife and I sold the house (and the pond on the property). I left the information about your good work with the pond with the new owners, and suggested that they continue with the pond prescription and your services. You may want to contact them to see about further maintenance issues with the pond. Once again, thank you for your help and service with the pond…the pond improved greatly; your service was exemplary.”

Vydunas – Ripon, WI

“The pond looks fantastic. I read the email yesterday to your clients regarding the bad year for algae. My pond could be the poster child for your success in turning a very bad algae situation around. I still have not used more than the two gallons you mixed with me when you dropped my supplies off. Added a little dye, and just following the plan. This is the best it has ever been for the middle of June. If any clients want a testimonial to your team’s success, I am here to support you!”

“We have been enjoying our summer and our pond, despite the lack of rain in our area. Your work to help manage our algae last year really has paid huge dividends this year. I have had zero issues with algae, and from what I hear, that is unusual and I am fortunate!”

Larry – Freedom, WI

“I am now a believer in what I am buying from you guys ... muck level is significantly reduced! There is no way I could've put on waders and walked several laps around the pond in waist deep water a year ago.”

John – De Pere, WI

“The pond looked amazing for our party on Saturday, nothing but compliments and fun.”

Paul – De Pere, WI

“I know you hear from us when things aren’t right so I want to make sure I tell you when they are! Our pond looks wonderful. By far the best it has EVER been despite the rain and heat. Can’t thank you enough!”

Sandy – Burlington, WI

“The disks, balls, and food source for the muck at the bottom of the pond are doing their job. I walked all over the bottom of the pond and noted a definite improvement already of both muck depth and sago pondweed presence. I realize the sago weed is immediate with a need for summer of 2020 to address new seed and growth. I realize the muck depth will take time. However, both are already notably improved.”

Mark – Sullivan, WI

“Thank you for the update… Yes, I agree the pond looks amazing! We really appreciate all you have done and have been pleased with the results. We enjoy your email updates on days you were at the house.”

Jim – Kiel, WI

“Just wanted to personally thank you for your valuable answers for our current pond project. Very cool, too, how you collaborated with the pond photos and my questions to give us the timely expert help we needed. As usual, your team ROCKS!”

Marcia – Marshfield, WI

“The pond keeps looking better. I was feeding the fish and the water is so much clearer – I can’t see any algae at all. I can see the fish deeper in the pond and when they came to get the food, they were smiling at me! . Haha! Thanks for all the hard work done!!”

Lesley – Green Bay, WI

The Pond People® did an excellent job and have turned our property into a stay-at-home resort. Our pond and pathway around the pond turned out much better than we ever had thought. It's like our own little park! We and the dogs are enjoying it so much!”

Al and Chris – Jackson, WI

“Thank you so much for the excellent care of the ponds and fountains. During this ‘lockdown summer’, our ponds became a focal point, almost a tourist attraction for so many of our surrounding neighbors. So, you uplifted many of us during this difficult time. Thanks again – looking forward to the spring. Hope your holidays are safe and healthy!”

Pat – Menasha, WI

“Thanks much! The pond has been fantastic so far this year….

Mark and Rolean – Sobieski, WI

“The pond cleaned up nicely. Kids had a blast. Thanks Pond People.”

Mark and Ann – Sullivan, WI

“Just a short note to let you all know how much I appreciate your care for my pond. I have not seen the pond look this good in the almost 20 years I have been here. It’s beautiful. All of you are wonderful people and fun to work with. You come when I call and take care of the problem. You told me once that your company doesn’t put bandaids on the problem, that you want to cure it…………it’s working!”

Karin - Mishicot, WI

“We bought my parents old farm about 5 years ago that had a small pond on it. 3 years ago I hired an excavator to come in and clean it & make bigger. Over the years my Dad would always dump copper sulfate in to make the water look better & he thought that stuff was cheap and the best! After we spent lots of money cleaning it out, I wanted it to stay clean. Somewhere along the line we heard about your company, so we set up a meeting and got things moving with you guys. I am so happy we did that!!! Our water is so clean & our kids spend all summer swimming & fishing in our pond!! Our water is about 14' deep & this weekend we were ice fishing and could see the bottom...crystal clear!!! Amazing!! We get so many compliments about how great everything looks around our pond!! You guys do such a great job!!! Keeping our pond looking good isn't cheap, but so worth every penny!!”

Kevin and Crystal – Dalton, WI

“Thank you for your commitment to making my pond a beautiful place. I found you when I was in a very difficult place with a manure spill in my honey hole. You came to my rescue and have turned my pond into a place that many neighborhood kids enjoy all summer long. It's a good feeling that the pond they are in is safe for them and my fish.”

Chad and Lisa – Suring, WI